It pays to have a friend who is a craftsman. Wesley Freeman and I took a trip to the Return to the Hook a few weeks ago.

In return for a few dollars he owed me in travel expenses he put together this fine workbench:


I provided the materials from a local construction scrap heap. He built it.

The best thing about this workbench is that it was built to match my height. At 6’6″, I am not accustomed to furniture, cars, desks, chairs, or anything in particular (other than a basketball hoop) built with my height in mind. It still feels odd to step up to a workbench and not crouch over. Fine work Mr. Freeman! At last, I have one item in my house built in proportion to my height. Kudos to Wesley and cheers to all the unrecognized craftsmen of this world–you folks are a lost breed.