King George III

King George III

Ok may be a few years overdue, but here are Twistification’s tips for His Royal Majesty King George the Third:

  1. If people from your country risk life and limb to travel over a thousand treacherous miles to practice their religion without persecution, expect some skepticism regarding your policies from their offspring.
  2. Taxes can work, but you may want to consider administrating them locally and gathering feedback.
  3.  The Continental Congress wants to negotiate. Don’t force their hand and give them no other choice but to declare war.
  4. Mr. Washington, Mr. Franklin and Mr. Jefferson deserve some military and administrative recognition. They have more influence and talents than you realize (Mr. Adams and his cousin are a lost cause however). That didn’t work? Ok now that the war has begun:
  5. Push your Generals to take advantage of early victories. The rebellion can be crushed early, but if you give the Americans time to recover, things will escalate out of control. And whatever you do, don’t let them gain any moral victories. 
  6. Banastre Tarleton

    Banastre Tarleton

    Make sure your Generals coordinate strategically. Divas will not help your cause in the new world.

  7. Don’t lose a big battle. I repeat DON’T LOSE A BIG BATTLEYour neighbors across the channel are looking for an excuse to join the fight and turn this regional uprising into a worldwide conflict.
  8. Patrick Ferguson and his modified rifle might be a good investment considering the amount of American rifles mustered against your army.
  9. The South isn’t as Loyalist leaning as you think, and your cavalryman Tarleton is not going to help matters.
  10. As just as their cause may be, inciting slaves and indians against your subjects will backfire.