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My second reenactment is in the books. I had a great time. Thanks to Louis and the 6th North Carolina for the outfitting, great food and fun battles. Now on to some observations:

  • First rule of battle, keep your lock maintained and be prepared to fix misfires. In other words, keep your flint sharp and keep extra ones handy. One participant tossed his rifle in frustration due to malfunction. You only have a few hours of fighting during the weekend, so make sure your firelock is ready to fire repeatedly, otherwise you turn into a period appropriate spectator.
  • Other things to remember: Utensils. Tarp for the bottom of the tent. Hat. Tylenol PM to sleep through crickets and snoring nearby tents.
  • The ladies of the 6th North Carolina prepared fantastic meals. I stayed well fed all weekend.
  •  Skirmishing is fun, but open field unit battles are the bees knees (wow that was bad). Nothing beats firing and moving in unison, and having a good captain to maneuver the troops is essential to maximizing your enjoyment. Well done Louis!
  • Battle reenactments are the way to go. I think I would get a bit bored at living history events that consist of only camping and demonstrations.

Overall the weekend was a success. Next up is Camden (as a participant) and then Cowpens (as an observer). And now for a few photos. I still would love to find some action shots of the battles.