This weekend I’ll be heading up to Charlotte for a reenactment. Its been a few years since The Battle of the Hook,(1) (2) ,(3),(4) and since then I’ve been planning on attending another once I spotted the rare and fleeting opening in my family schedule. This time around, I set about requisitioning some custom made trousers, a frock and a few other nick knacks. Hope to complete the outfitting with loaners once I am there.


Latta Plantation

McIntyre’s Farm was the location of a skirmish called ‘Battle of the Bees’ where a foraging party under Cornwallis was surprised and beaten back by local militia. Not exactly a glamours battle, but any excuse to do a little camping and discharge my musket will do! The location of the event is Latta Plantation. Looks nice there. I’ll try and take some photos.