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Well, it looks like I might not renew my Deer Creek membership this year, but this doesn’t mean I won’t go, it just means I’ll go less often. Life is narrowing in on those precious 4 hours on a Saturday.

I am however, looking to try the living history thing again. My schedule looks like Eutaw Springs may be my best bet. Now the challenge is finding a continental jacket in my size. I am leaning toward going to ebay and then seeing if a seamstress can extend the sleeves.


Guerillas attack on French convoy

Guerillas attack on French convoy

Heading to Spain in a few weeks on business. I am wanted to find out a little more about the famous guerrilleros and the Peninsular War. Did you know that the term guerrilla warfare stemmed from the Spanish part of this conflict?

Anyway, if you have any suggestions for the jacket, I’m all ears. Wear a size 42…with long guerrilla..I mean gorilla like arms 😉