Portrayal of me on Saturday...but less cool looking

Portrayal of me on Saturday…but less cool looking

With my Charleville lock at the gunsmith for maintenance, I got a chance to spend some good one on one time with the sea service pistol. I set up a target with a large surface area in order to identify where I was missing (post firing remarks often end with “where in the world did I miss THAT time?”) Today I managed to squeeze a little bit more accuracy out of this fun flintlock. The trick is to bend the wrist down a little and aim low. Oh and any more than ten paces and you begin to understand why duels were often not as deadly as advertised (apologies of course to Mr. Hamilton).

After a few shots, I experimented with using a Civil War era bullet from a 1853 Enfield. The suggestion was met with some hesitation from me, but I tend to forget that we are just talking about essentially a metal pipe, black powder and a spark. This weapon could fire out skittles if I wanted (a rainbow of fruit projectiles!!)   The Enfield  bullet fit just fine in there and gave me a pretty good kick to boot.

British Sea Service Pistol with 1853 Enfield minie ball


Looks as if the bullet actually rolled through the air and left a nice profile in the paper:



Video to follow.