This is an excellent, well animated synopsis of Yorktown and the events that led up to it:

Yorktown: Now or Never

Yorktown: Now or Never

The live action footage was taken from ‘The Battle of the Hook’ reenactment which I participated in. It was my first reenactment, and as noted in this post, I spent the majority of the first battle on my back. But alas, not all was lost! Seems as if the camera guy noticed my fabulous acting skills and incorporated me into the series at the 37 second mark:


45 solid minuets of acting. Will submit my nomination for “Best Historical Reenactment of a Dead Guy” category.

I highly recommend you check out the entire series, which is divided into small 2-3 minute chunks. The production, design and graphics are top notch. Hats off to the visual team for their work.