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Another cold yet sunny day greeted us at Cowpens this year.  The cold probably effected the turnout, as there were noticeably fewer reenactors this time around. Wesley and I ran into a few of the 2nd Carolina Regiment that we joined at the Battle of the Hook. It was great to see those guys.

My only regret this year was a clip I took of Park Ranger Will Caldwell. His tour of the battlefield was fantastic, however the wind completely destroyed the audio in the clip I took of him. SO disappointed with this. I was looking to add another clip similar to this one for the summary. Yet try as I might, I could not get a clear audio of his voice.

I did however make a new contact and hope to post a little on this mini cannon I came across that was owned by Eddie Davis.

Until then, enjoy the photos here. More at the flicker page here as well.