Battle of the HookAs just about anyone who has checked out my blog would see coming from a mile away, I have finally taken the plunge and will participate in my first reenactment at the Battle of the Hook. I will be joining Patrick O’Kelley’s 2nd North Carolina Regiment this coming weekend. The regiment will be depicting “Mercer’s Select Grenadier Battalion” that saw most of the infantry action during the battle. If predictions hold out, this event may even see the largest contingent of cavalry for a Revolutionary War reenactment ever.

The American victory at ‘The Hook’ shut Cornwallis in Yorktown and threw away the key, effectively ending the British general’s hopes for escape or reinforcements (thanks should also be given to the French fleet). The dreaded Banastre Tarleton partook in the battle and was injured as Mercer’s Select rushed in to support French cavalry.

So there is much to the world of reenactment that I am learning. Random thoughts:

  • The 2nd North Carolina regiment will feed, cloth, arm and shelter both Wesley and I.
  • Patrick O’Kelly will train us upon arrival. With any luck, I’m hoping he won’t break into spats of cursing in German like Von Steuben did.
  • My musket will pass muster this time, although technically the 1777 Charleville was not issued to Continentals. If asked, I’ll stick with the story that I ‘borrowed it’ from the generous French contingent. Or maybe won it in a bet. Not sure yet.
  • The regiment will provide the cartridges. No bullets will be used of course. This statement was made particularly to ease my wife who is concerned about the next bullet point…
  • A period correct Tavern will be present at this event. I will be sure to practice period correct consumption, hopefully not leading to a case of period correct ‘the consumption’.
  • The reenactments will include redoubts and two buildings that will be burnt down during the battle. The 11 year old in me just jumped with joy upon discovering this.
  • Shaved the beard. Sad faces from my wife and 11 year old daughter upon discovering my cleanhsaveness this morning. But worth it to see the confused look on my one and two year old boy’s faces.
  • Must keep out of view my sleeping bag and anything that is not period correct. Once the public is gone however, I plan on taking plenty of pics. Vids too.
  • Gloucester Virginia. 9 hr drive. Ouch.

Sleeping accommodations free of charge thanks to the 2nd North Carolina Regiment:

Sleeping Accommodations