With the help of this youtube video from Keith H. Burgess (the Obi Wan of black powder), I put together a few cartridges for my 1777 Charleville.

My pal Wesley over at The Long Roll provided the location and additional assistance. Thanks Freems!


I tend to over accessorize


My stocked “Lafayette” cartridge box.

Overall, pretty simple to do. I used a brown bag for material, but I’m afraid this may be too tough to bite through.

Muskets may not be a precision instrument, but the act of loading and firing them while in the heat of battle definitely is. One could only imagine the nerve it takes to break open a cartridge with your teeth, prime the pan, then pore the remaining powder and ball into the barrel while under fire. I think it would be difficult to avoid pouring the powder all over the place while priming the pan.

This guy does it rather quickly. I wonder how fast he would be if he were being shot at?



Since this post I’ve updated my cartridge making technique thanks to some YouTube videos similar to the one Bill posted below in the comments. MUCH better!

Cartridge Box Improved!

Cartridge Box Improved!