In the spirit of the age old question, “Who in history would you like to meet?” I’ll answer the question from a Twistification point of view: In what way would I want to meet a Founding Father? 

Granted, it would take some time to get up to speed with the rules of etiquette and ornate speech of the time, but here is the list.

If I could go back in time I would love to…

  • Have a family dinner with The Adamses. The conversation with Abigail would be just as fascinating as the one with John.
  • Have a beer with Franklin –but  only if I could leave my wife at home. I wouldn’t want to be a fifth wheel.
  • Sit with Hamilton while he did my taxes. Maybe while he was doing this I would ask him describe his assault of Redoubt No. 10 at Yorktown. I’m sure this this would liven things up a bit…
  • Take a tour of Monticello with Thomas Jefferson. Discussing the architecture and the inventions would be fascinating. As a side note, I would awkwardly avoid eye contact with Sally Hemmings.
  • Get inspired by Washington. He could use intimidation or inspiration–either one would be just as effective.
  • Walk Madison over to some constitutional scholar and ask him to clarify a few things.
  • Stand with Monroe at the famous painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware (Monroe is the one holding the flag) and ask him to describe the battle of Trenton where he was wounded in the shoulder.

Napoleon vs. Washington post coming next….